What’s up? Art as an antidote to the winter blues | Arts

Such feelings are likely exacerbated by a combination of circumstances unique to our time – namely the COVID-19 pandemic, obsession with social media and the ever-escalating political tension.

So we turn to art for comfort, clarity, wisdom or at least a new perspective.

The online show of a local visionary

As of this writing, four days after the start of the New Year, all is fairly calm on the local visual arts front, with only a few new exhibits slated to open as this appears – a typical situation early in this year. Winter.

In the digital age, however, art is still as close as the closest computer screen. This is where you can go see recent works by Winston-Salem artist William Fields, in an online exhibition of high-resolution digital reproductions curated by the Cavin-Morris Gallery, a New York venue specializing in art. raw and visionary art.

“AAB Alice A. Bailey” by William Fields. This piece is colored pencil and pastel on paper. It is 38.25 by 30 inches.


At 81, Fields is perhaps the city’s oldest and most accomplished visual artist. He exhibited his work at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art over 50 years ago, and since then he has continued to create striking works that have been exhibited widely.

Fifteen of his recent drawings make up his online exhibition, available until February 7 on cavinmorris.com/william-fields-online-exhibition.

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