The work of artist Adrian Sykes on display at Marine House in Beer



Marine House at Beer this week hosted a new solo show by Adrian Sykes titled “In Tune with Life”.

From Saturday September 25 to Friday October 8, the work on display is that of one of the most popular and internationally renowned artists of Marine House at Beer. This is Adrian’s fourth exhibition with the gallery.

Welcome on the Hill, oil and mixed media on board
– Credit: Adrian Sykes

Alexis Butt of the gallery said: “It has been six years since Bristol-based Adrian Sykes, with his unique style, intruded on our consciousness. As a gallery, we’re constantly looking for something different, something exciting, something fresh. You don’t need to think long when a truly special talented artist comes your way – Adrian Sykes hits this spot.

“Adrian creates from his imagination while working in his Bristol studio. When you browse through his later works, it is evident that geographic locations are at the origin of many of his paintings. Venice is a recurring theme, as are the ancient grounds of fields and hills of the English landscape which frequently form a backdrop to his work. But these aren’t just simple landscapes or cityscapes, once they’ve been inspired by Adrian’s fertile imagination. People return home to isolated homes, romantic dates take place, often via incredibly long ladders; current trends such as wild swimming make an appearance and lively, joyful scenes in a park of a mill town, almost Lowry-esque style, are explored.

Winter bath oil and mixed media on board

Winter bath oil and mixed media on board
– Credit: Adrian Sykes

“As always, Adrian uses bold, warm oil colors applied liberally and deeply when revealing his makeup. Cleverly using perspective, he makes his paintings accessible because he offers the viewer constant small and pleasant surprises as the eye selects unexpected details.

Recognized internationally for his unique and original style, it’s no surprise that Adrian has received many prestigious awards, including the Young Masters Art Prize and numerous art prizes throughout the Southwest.

Open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information contact the gallery on 01297 625257 or email [email protected] All of Adrian’s new paintings are available for purchase now and can be viewed on the gallery’s website at:


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