The Splatoon of driving games, Splash Cars hits console today

“I am an artist. The track is my canvas and the car is my paintbrush. *

So said F1 World Champion Norman Graham Hill in 1967. His famous quote metaphorically describes the artistry involved in driving a high-performance single-seater on some of the most dangerous and challenging racing circuits. difficult in the world.

Splash Cars – a cute arcade racing game from Czech developer Paper Bunker – takes this quote and uses it quite literally – the player’s vehicle is used to paint the game world.

Similar to Nintendo’s other famous paint-em-up series, Splatoon, the goal is to paint the game’s environment. Isometric 3D maps start out as colorless and gray, and players have to do the turn to “paint” the landscape.

Splatter cars

Players also need to collect gas and power-ups to fuel their paint exploits and can even enlist the help of NPC cars to evade the attention of a paint-hating cop.

To make things a little easier, players can join friends for up to four-player local co-op play, helping you banish those pesky street cleaner enemies for good.

There are a number of vehicles and tracks to unlock, along with customizable paint jobs and three stars available for completing a level based on the amount of paint spilled. It’s a simple progression system, but perfectly suited for a retro-inspired arcade racing game.

Splash Cars is available digitally today (March 9) for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, priced at £5.79/$6.99/€6.99. The game is also available on PC via Steam for £3.99.

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*What Graham Hill told Auto Racing magazine was: “In a race, my car becomes a part of me, and I am a part of it. I am like a painter with a canvas and a brush. My car being the brush, and the circuit my canvas”. It doesn’t work as well on a £10 t-shirt, does it?

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