The exhibition Salvador Dali, Water Works arrives at the Ellen Noel Art Museum

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Photo by Jackie Lewis

Ellen Christmas Art Museum. Jacy Lewis / Reporter-Telegram

Jacy Lewis / Reporter-Telegram

Two new exhibitions will be presented at the Ellen Noel Art Museum this month.

“Les Diners de Gala” by Salvador Dalí will open on Thursday. “Les Diners de Gala” was published in 1973 and became a Salvador Dalí collector’s item. The unique cookbook was published as a collaboration between the artist and a secret chef. The chef turned out to be chefs from the best French restaurants of the time, including Lasserre, La Tour d’Argent, Maxim’s and Le Buffet de la Gare de Lyon.

Dalí also had a self-proclaimed refined taste for food and wine. His introduction to the book states that since he was a little boy, he wanted to be a master cook. With 136 recipes in 12 chapters, this collection of quirky formulas includes an entire chapter on aphrodisiacs, the proper use of atteletes (meat jewelry), and sketches of limbless dwarves eating eggs.

The exhibition presents a portfolio of 12 lithographs which were published together with the book “Les Diners De Gala” (printed in 1971). These lithographs are the result of Dalí’s experimentation with mixed media and are considered his most unique prints. The exhibition is on view until March 27.

The “Water Works” exhibition opens on January 27 with artwork by community members on water issues affecting the Permian Basin. The exhibition is a collaboration with Nancy Fyfe Cardozier Gallery at the University of Texas Permian Basin and ENAM. The exhibition will be on view until April 24.

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