Sotheby’s Alumni launches artistic consultancy focused on Asia


Art Intelligence Global (AIG), launched in November, will process transactions and offer market expertise, advising on the acquisition of works of art or the dissolution of collections.

Former Sotheby’s heavyweights Amy Cappellazzo, Yuki terase and Adam chinn are teaming up in a new Hong Kong and New York-based venture that targets Asia’s growing pool of art buyers, The New York Times reported Thursday.

Cappellazzo is the former President of Sotheby’s Fine Arts Division, while Terase, who will be based in Hong Kong, has helped develop and cultivate the rising class of Asian collectors who currently dominate the market, in her role as responsible for contemporary art at Sotheby’s in Asia. .

Former Sotheby’s COO Chinn will handle the business and legal activities of the New York-based company along with Cappellazzo. He is also co-chair and investor of the LiveArt fine arts market, which launched in June 2021.

Booming Asia

“It is quickly becoming clear that the level of impact AIG is likely to reap at the upper echelons of the blue chip market in the United States and Asia,” “ArtNet” said in a newsletter Thursday, noting “the activity booming at a level that artistic advisors have experienced over the past two years. ”

The Asian art market is now the second in the world after the United States, fueled by young buyers from the fields of technology and entertainment, according to the “New York Times”. Sotheby’s sold a record $ 330 million of Western art in Asia this year, almost triple the amount sold last year.

“Asia is really at the point where it can create this kind of success and world-class expertise in the region, not something that is imported from Western organizations,” Terase told the newspaper. “It’s become such an important market to even determine how you structure sales in New York. “

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