‘Small Works’ exhibition in Bristol features 70 works

Works by Thomas Terceira and Rosario Romare of Cranston and Warwick, respectively, are currently on display as part of a new community exhibition, Small jobs, a compilation of two-dimensional works of drawings, paintings, photographs, prints or collages at the Bristol Art Museum, in partnership with the Rogers Free Library. The exhibit can be viewed through December 16 in the Library’s Community Galleries, located across from the museum. The exhibit was judged by Rhode Island artist Rina Naik.

The Small Works the exhibition includes 70 works of art, six of which were chosen for recognition. Pieces are two-dimensional in shape and limited to 12 inches on each side. Big in imagination, but small in size, Small jobs offers artists the opportunity to share a wide variety of styles, media and subjects.

Terceira’s collage, Lady Slipper, and Romare’s photographs After the Storm and Behind the Helm, were selected for the exhibition.

“The theme of Small Works the exhibition resonated with me, as much of my work is on a smaller scale,” said Naik, guest curator at the Bristol Art Museum. “For this reason, I know very well the joys and challenges of creating works at these sizes. It was a pleasure to see the variety of themes and media represented in the submissions. The artists took this opportunity to showcase a wide variety of subjects ranging from landscapes to a close-up image of beautiful lips and everything in between. Their artistic insights made us see the familiar in a new way on a small scale.”

Naik, the juror, is an Asian Native American artist who primarily focuses on oil painting using the medium of cold wax. Lately she has been exploring mixed media pieces on paper and panel with sumi ink, acrylic inks, asemic writing, Japanese papers, and more. She is inspired by the landscapes of New England, in particular the plein air painting on the Cape. Naik shares “New England landscapes are magical in their beauty” and created a series of mini-paintings called Wanderings of Truro.

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