Silk Road-themed art exhibition kicks off in

Musicians from the National Traditional Orchestra of China gave a performance on the theme of the Silk Road at the opening ceremony of the art exhibition titled Silk Road: Artists’ Meeting on 15 August at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing. [Photo by Jiang Dong/China Daily]

With exotic Silk Road-themed music performed by musicians from the National Traditional Orchestra of China, a major art exhibition titled Silk Road: Artists’ Rendezvous kicked off the afternoon of August 15 at National Art Museum of China in downtown Beijing.

Attracting some 40 foreign diplomats and representatives from several international organizations, the exhibition features more than 190 works by artists from 112 Belt and Road Initiative countries. The exhibition also includes an interactive and immersive unit where visitors can click a mouse or use their fingers on a touchscreen to modify digital versions of the work.

“This artistic and cultural feast for the eyes and hearts is a shining testimony to the great success of China’s Belt and Road Initiative,” said Wu Weishan, curator of the exhibition and dean of the National Museum of Art of China. China who co-organized the art exhibition with the International Cultural Association of China, the UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office and the International Alliance of Silk Road Museums and Art Galleries.

According to Wu, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has invited influential artists from Europe, Africa, America, Oceania and Asia for field trips, residency programs and workshops at across China over the past decade. Drawing inspiration from their experiences in China, these artists created a wide variety of works including oil paintings, traditional Chinese ink paintings, sculptures and mixed media.

“The Silk Road has been important over the centuries, transporting not only silk but also knowledge and cultures,” said Shahbaz Khan, UNESCO Director in Beijing and Representative in China, during the opening ceremony.

The Silk Road is an invaluable world heritage to be celebrated to remind the world of the importance of cultural diversity and cross-cultural communication, Khan said, adding that “cultural and artistic creations, whatever their specific forms, are all conducive to innovation and sustainable development”. development in a country.

Khan suggested that organizers take the expo to Belt and Road countries using UNESCO offices and Chinese embassies there as venues.

The Beijing exhibition is free to the public and will run until August 25.

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