Ruholamin unveils a new painting on the terrorist attack in Shiraz

TEHRAN – Iranian expressionist Hassan Ruholamin unveiled another book on the Shiraz terrorist attack on Thursday.

In a statement, he dedicated the untitled painting to Shah Cheragh, the shrine of Ahmad ibn Musa (AS), the brother of Imam Reza (AS), where ISIS carried out the attack that claimed the life to 13 people.

“This sad incident saddened you at first,” Ruholamin addressed Ahmad ibn Musa (as) and said, “Because they [victims of the attack] were your guests and pilgrims to your sanctuary.

Best known for his paintings of early Islamic historical events, Ruholamin previously used the terrorist attack as the subject of his painting ‘Tulips sprouted blood from the youth of our land’, which was unveiled the day after the assault. .

The title is inspired by a verse of the famous epic poem composed by Aref Qazvini for the Iranian youth killed during the Constitutional Revolution (1906-1911).

The artist has also mixed modern events and stories from Islamic history in some of his works.

“Aba Abdillah’s Apocalyptic Companion” is one such painting, which Ruholamin created in memory of Quds Force commander Lt. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, just hours after he was assassinated in an air raid. American in Baghdad on January 3, 2020.

In June, Ruholamin depicted the story of the Rain Prayer by Imam Reza (as), the eighth Imam of the Shias, in his painting.

“The Rain Prayer” was unveiled at the Imam Reza (as) shrine in Mashhad as part of the Imam’s birthday celebration.

The 2.4 x 3 meter oil painting depicts Imam Reza (as) on a rock with people around him praying for rain.

The story of the rain prayer happened months after Mamun, the Abbasid Caliph, appointed Imam Reza (as) as successor to his throne.

The region of Khorasan was affected by a severe drought, linked to the choice of the opponents of the Imam who said: “You see? Since Ali ibn Musa al-Reza was chosen as crown prince, no more rain has been sent to us from the sky.

Mamun was told about the unfavorable comments and asked Imam Reza (AS) to hold a prayer for rain, so the Imam with a group of people left the city to hold a prayer for rain in the desert. After they returned to their homes, the rain began to fall.

The painting was part of Ruholamin’s contract with the Imam Reza (AS) International Foundation for Culture and the Arts, based on which he was commissioned to produce paintings on the Imam’s life.

Photo: New painting by Hassan Ruholamin on the terrorist attack in Shiraz.


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