Professional, artist-run framing shop bringing new and old art to life at Parkside • Glam Adelaide

What makes art, art? There is no universal definition, but there is a universal understanding of it. Anyone can make art, but what separates the good from the great is how it makes you feel. What perspective does this make you see? I guess you could say, it all depends on how you “frame” it.

Professional Custom Framing Shop, Frame Works Plus Gifts, knows all about framing and transforming perspective. Any everyday object can be turned into art when framed with love and a watchful eye.

The well-respected business has been around for 28 years and was taken over by new owners Amelita Alderdice and Sergey Veremchuk three months ago. Frame Works Plus Gifts has now found a new permanent home in Parkside.

They insist that the boutique, however, is much more than just a boutique.

“We wanted to build a boutique that had character…that felt like home and also had a great vibe,” Amelita said. “Something that emphasizes color…that focuses on the old and the new. We believe we have succeeded.

Amelita has been an artist for 33 years, specializing in pastel and watercolor. Helping others find beauty in their prized possessions and opening a custom framing shop seemed like a great next step.

“Doing what you love and helping others frame what they love is a wonderful combination,” Amelita said.

From photos, posters and prints to guernseys, tapestries, embroidery and fine arts, Frame work has a range of moldings and mats to showcase your special something. Sergey also makes the frames by hand to make sure every piece is perfect.

“The boutique is so special…it’s full of our hearts and souls,” Amelita said. “There’s definitely a certain satisfaction that we get when we help our customers meet their needs.”

In addition to custom framing new art, Amelita and Sergey are also passionate about saving old art.

“We are committed to saving South Australian art and in particular lithographs by reframing them, protecting them and finding new homes for them to live and be loved,” said Amelita.

“We have a 96 year old map which was printed in 1926 of Adelaide Zoo in 1898. It is fascinating to look at. Another example is a beautiful lithograph of the Clayton Wesley Uniting Church at the end of the Parade in Norwood. We have several copies to frame and give a new home.

The shop itself is its own rescued work of art, finding its new home in a renovated site that was once a café.

“Every piece of furniture in the shop was salvaged and reused to equip the shop, rather than ending up in landfill or deteriorating,” Amelita said. “We will also recycle and refurbish old frames.”

“We’ve created a place where when you walk in there’s a lot to look at and it’s really relaxed and enjoyable.”

The professional custom photo framing shop doubles as a gift shop, showcasing even more beautiful things.

“We offer a unique range of gifts that are different and suitable for many personalities,” Amelita said. “The stock will change regularly, so every time you walk in there’s something new to see.”

“Find handmade cast iron coat racks/key rings for your home, nostalgic Australian iconic signs, beautiful animal prints, delicious citronella candles, clocks and even fun t-shirts. We also have a beautiful range of mosaic Turkish lamps which will suit any decor and be a work of art rather than just a lamp.

In a sense, Frame Works Plus Gifts is a small work of art all on its own.

To find Frame Works Plus Gifts at Store 4, 84 Glen Osmond Road, Parkside SA 5063.

Check Frame work website or follow Facebook and instagram.

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