New Art Exhibit, Prix Fixe Dinner June 29

Join us for dinner on Thursday evening June 29 for the opening night of our new exhibition featuring the art of Sandra Leinonen Dunn, Gwendolyn Evans and Sandra Harper. To celebrate the artists, the Grill offers a fixed price three-course menu, with a choice of wine pairings, or choose a selection from the regular menu. A portion of the proceeds from the dinner will be used to fund a scholarship for a Lincoln Academy student pursuing art studies. Please call ahead to make a reservation. The art can be seen until August 8.

Born and raised in Maine, Sandra Leinonen Dunn is a prominent Maine artist. Her works are in collections across the United States and abroad and she is represented by several galleries in Maine and Massachusetts. Using her intuitive sense of color and lyrical brushwork, Ms. Dunn creates paintings that express both her passion for beauty as well as her interest in and respect for classical painting techniques.

She shares, “I am a traditional painter working mostly in oils. Painting is for me like a mediation. When I’m working on a subject, I’m in my right brain where logic and words don’t exist, and the world just becomes nameless shapes and endless shades of color. The more I look at my subject, the more I see! That’s what fascinates me. I find inspiration for paintings all around me, and often it’s the shape, or color of a subject, that interests me as much (if not more) than the object itself. I want my paintings to contain a bit of something beautiful frozen in time. The only certain thing in this life is change. Through painting, I can capture (and retain) a moment, a bit of light, a splash of vibrant color, which I can then share with others. She has a studio at her home in Chelsea.

Gwendolyn Evans’ art – as diverse as the 35 places she calls home – includes watercolor landscapes, pastel portraits, nude figures, oils and mixed media abstracts. Gwendolyn has exhibited her work in over 80 regional, national and international juried exhibitions, and her paintings are in hundreds of private and corporate collections. She shares, “For me, making art is like breathing. I can’t live without it! Making art is a way to understand and communicate what I see and feel. Prolific and intense in my work, I am interested in many styles from realism to abstraction, and work in many different mediums. I’m always interested in capturing light and dark, whether physical or spiritual. I enjoy working outdoors capturing the feeling, tone, colors and meaning of each unique location. As I breathe every day, I paint every day. The spirit permeates everything. Whether it’s painting, writing, teaching, cooking an exquisite meal, it’s all one, creativity stems from ideas we hold dear; for me these ideas center on truth, love, beauty, nature and gratitude for good. Dark days are the chiaroscuro in an artist’s life to make the light all the brighter. One of my greatest joys is showing off my work and sharing the stories behind it. Gwendolyn lives and creates on the Pemaquid Peninsula.

A lifelong artist, Sandra Harper has been inspired for over 30 years to paint the beauty of Maine through seascapes, coastal villages, lighthouses and inland landscapes. Sandy paints in a traditional realism style using a light touch and careful attention to detail. She prefers oil as a medium because it allows for the subtle blends and depth of color that characterize her work. She uses elements of light and color to present the beauty, magic and power of nature. Seascapes continue to be a favorite genre with their challenge of capturing the ever-changing light and dynamic movement of sky and water.

Sandy shares “My goal is to capture the magical moments in time, to reflect the mood and movement of the sea and the brilliance of light hitting the land. I paint not just to commemorate these scenes but to share them. Her work is in private collections across the country and has been shown in New York, Massachusetts and Maine.Since 1988 Sandy has lived and worked in the rural town of Litchfield where she has her studio.

The Grill is open Monday to Saturday at 3 p.m., Happy Hour is from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Close on Sunday. Lunch hours will resume soon. To make a reservation, please call 207-563-2992. For more information:

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