Magnesium plant will create 200 full-time jobs in eastern Ohio


CADIZ – Western Magnesium Corp. Build a nearly $ 1 billion manufacturing plant in Cadiz Industrial Park that will create 200 full-time and 500 part-time jobs.

Company officials and elected officials in the region gathered on Tuesday to unveil a sign marking the location of the proposed 300,000 square foot plant. it will be built on a 122-acre site at 43022 Industrial Park Road.

“This is not a cheap factory to build, but it is an exciting opportunity as we are also building an environmentally friendly environment,” said Sam Ataya, executive chairman and CEO of the company. “Our magnesium metal production process will be the cleanest in the world. In fact, it will be the cleanest metal to produce now.”

He noted that this will be the first magnesium plant built in the United States in the past 50 years.

“It’s shocking when you think about it because as a nation we think we are in control of what we do,” he said. “What it is for us is control of the production and manufacturing of resources within our borders.

“We really found out that during COVID, we didn’t have a lot of it. Supply chains are broken. We don’t have the equipment we need. We don’t have the supplies we need. Why? Because we don’t develop, produce, manufacture, or control our own resources.

Magnesium is a light but durable metal used in the automotive and aircraft industries.

Western Magnesium seeks to use continuous silicothermal extraction technology to produce magnesium, which significantly reduces labor and energy costs compared to current methods and processes, while being environmentally friendly.

The company worked with JobsOhio and Harrison County Community Improvement Corp. to find the installation site.

“Today begins the start of the due diligence period where they are on the fast track to build a state-of-the-art facility here in eastern Ohio in Harrison County,” said Nick Homrighausen, executive director of CIC.

“We’re trying to build the new global economy here, and it’s building a great ecosystem that will continue to attract and diversify business, with Harrison County as the epicenter. It will impact all of our surrounding counties.”

CIC board chairman Dale Arbaugh said the plant would not only create 200 new jobs in Harrison County but also hundreds of jobs during the construction phase.

“This will be an opportunity for the next generation to stay here in the county, instead of having to find a job elsewhere and having to relocate,” he said. “So I’m excited for this since the coal companies left every time I finished high school. I know what it was like to lose friends and how things have changed.”

U.S. Representative Bill Johnson R-Marietta said building the plant was important to the country.

“Magnesium is an essential metal that goes into manufacturing, industries like automotive, aviation,” he said. “You don’t have these manufacturing industries in America if you can’t extract the magnesium.

“We’ve talked a lot over the past few years about the importance of supply chain management and trade deals around the world to tackle what China is doing. China is trying to take it all in, it seems. he does. We’re the only thing that stands in their way. “

He said the United States is the largest economy in the world and “we will stay that way.”

“Part of that effort is bringing this supply chain back with a critical metal like magnesium,” Johnson said. “Today China has about 85% of that market. We have to come back to that market. I’m happy to see what’s going on here.”

Western Magnesium plans to open the land on the plant over the next 18-24 months.

U.S. Representative Bill Johnson R-Marietta (right) speaks Tuesday about the significance of a new plant being built by Western Magnesium Corp.  in the industrial park of Cadiz.

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