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“Trust your instincts and intuition, follow your passion, go get what you want in life. Just do something new that’s not comfortable – go out, do whatever you want!”

These are the best life lessons that internationally acclaimed makeup artist Heather Nightingale has learned in her 20+ year career.

After studying art at the University of Alberta Arts and Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Heather transferred her art, skills and knowledge to enhance the natural beauty of the face human, using the skin as a canvas.

“A few years later, I raised my artistic performance by going to Paris to study with Dany Sanz, the world-renowned creator of the Make Up For Ever brand. This is where I bloomed!

When asked what excites her the most about her job, she replied, “I get excited when I get to create and enhance skin and meet the most amazing people. Nothing beats being an artist when your canvas is full of energy and passion.

When it comes to having a good style, Heather thinks the most important aspect is to understand yourself.

“What feels good? What excites you? What makes you feel vibrant and exuberant? »

Style Inspiration & Life

Icon Style: Coco Chanel.

Favorite artist: Danny Sanz.

Artwork: “The Kiss”, Gustav Klimt.

Favorite fashion designer or brand: Dior.

Favorite cocktail: Caesar.

Favorite musician: Bob Marley.

Favorite city to visit: New York City.

Film that inspires love of style: The the devil wears Prada.

Favorite album: AC DC Back in black.

Favorite place in the world: Maui.

Favorite flower: Bird of Paradise.

One thing that constantly lifts spirits during tough times: Having good friends by my side.

fashion beauty

Favorite piece of all time: Vintage tuxedo jacket.

Currently coveting: Dior bag.

Favorite shoes: Prada ankle boots.

Accessories you spend the most money on: Jewelry.

Fashion Obsession: Cos brand.

Favorite work tool: My collection of makeup brushes from around the world.

Fashion obsession right now: A molded zebra print mini dress with draping by Dolce & Gabbana.

Favorite moisturizer: Whipped Sunday Moisturizer by MisMacK Clean Cosmetics.

Scent: Havana Cologne by Geo. F.Trumper.

Beauty secrets: Sleep on a silk pillowcase and wear a silk mask at night. Sleep!

Indulgence needed: Spanks body clothes.

Favorite hair product: Mr. Incredible Drybar Styling Mousse.

Reading material

Favorite print magazine: vogue.

Favorite style blog:

Coffee table book: Pursuit 365 by Shelly Lynn Hughes.

Favorite author of all time: Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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