King of Fighters XV gets special “Omega” edition – GameSpew

King of Fighters XV, already available in standard or deluxe edition, offers itself a third edition “Omega”.

This third edition of the upcoming SNK Brawler will feature, in addition to a physical version of the base game, an assortment of digital and physical extras. These include:

  • 3 lithographs
  • The soundtrack on CD
  • A 119-page artbook
  • A special case
  • Team Pass 1 (containing two pieces of DLC, Team DLC 1 and Team DLC 2)
  • DLC costumes for Terry Bogard and Leona Heidern

That’s good news, if you’ve got the asking price of £ 79.99 to spare. The bad news is that there is no plastic Terry Bogard statue or, indeed, any sort of “collector” figure, which could possibly be against the law. Come on, SNK, at the very least, throw a cat-sized version of Terry’s hat. But no, that’s all you get. Shocking, absolutely shocking.


Yet if you are a hardcore king of fighters fan, there should be something here that you can stick on your shelf. You may already have your own collection of KOF memories, given that the show has been around for at least twenty years and some of the protagonists, like Terry Bogard, have been around even longer.

All of this leaves a question. How to pre-order it? SNK has yet to confirm which stores will have it, stating that “… some retailers will have it available this week, others next”. So far Amazon, GameStop, and Game UK haven’t had it available for pre-order, so right now all you can do is keep your eyes peeled.

The Omega edition, like the standard versions of King of Fighters XV, will be released next year, February 17, 2022. It will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox Series X | S but not, for now, Xbox One.

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