Joker’s New Costume Was The Perfect Way To Hide His Secret Identity Twist

Joker’s stunning medieval costumes were a super fake to keep fans guessing at a recent comedic twist on the Clown Prince of Crime.

Warning: contains spoilers for Black Knights of Steel #4!

The readers of Black Knights of Steel came across a surprising twist in issue four when they finally saw the medieval worldview on the Joker. The enigmatic Green Man who orchestrated the assassination of King Jor-El was ultimately revealed to be a mix of Green Lantern, Lex Luthor, and somehow the Joker. The development was unexpected, especially for fans who thought they had already seen this world’s take on the Clown Prince of Crime in a variant cover months before.

Black Knights of Steel comes from the creative team of Tom Taylor, Yasmine Putri, Arif Prianto and Wes Abbott. The story takes everything fans love from the DC Universe and places it in a fantastical landscape ruled by the noble El family. King Jor-El has been assassinated early in the series, sparking a war that promises to tear land. A character known as the Green Man has been staging events behind the scenes, but now he’s revealed himself, setting the stage for the next dark chapter.


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While few fans likely expected Green Man to be Luthor, far fewer predicted he would also be Joker. In fact, it looked like fans had already been exposed to the Black Knights of Steel Joker in a few variant covers for the first issue of the series. Drawn by artist Tyler Kirkham, two slightly different variations show a medieval vision of the criminal clown. Much like Harley Quinn, who is a heroic advisor in the story so far, one cover shows Joker as a black jester, riding a warhorse decked out in his purple and green. The other looks like a knight, but still looks like a Joker worthy of the world of swords and sorcery. Black Knights of Steel.

Dark Knights of Steel Joker Tyler Kirkham Cover A DC Comics

Dark Knights of Steel Joker Tyler Kirkham Cover B DC Comics

The covers appear to be an attempt to fool fans who were anticipating the Joker’s arrival. By creating these variants, DC could titillate readers eager to see what role the Joker would play in the story without giving too much away. And thanks to Harley Quinn’s role as the court jester of the Kingdom of El, it lent credence to the idea that Joker was going to be portrayed similarly, or at the very least, as a knight on the clown theme.

Of course, the Green Man reveal suggests that won’t quite be the case, making the covers a brilliant move that helped keep fans guessing at the big reveal in Black Knights of Steel. By keeping their cards close to the true nature of Green Man, as well as releasing covers with very compelling costumes, the creative team was able to bring out his greatest flair to maximum effect. Although the truth has been revealed about the Green Man, Black Knights of Steel fans can always look back on these covers to appreciate the Joker this could have been.

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