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December 29, 1923
March 12, 2020

Denver – On December 29, 1923, a baby girl was born to Philip and Elizabeth Deschamps of Lafayette Street, Salem, MA.
Jeanne Hélène was the second of five children (Jacqueline, Jeanne, Theresa, Elizabeth and Philip). She grew up in Salem and attended St Christian Academy, a Catholic school, and later Salem High School. After high school, she worked for General Electric as a secretary.
She married Roland William Martineau de Salem (died October 9, 2005), and together they raised four children (André, Paul, Philip and Jeanne).
She has witnessed many remarkable events during her life, such as the transition from the hand crank phone to cell phones, the pain and suffering created by several wars, from radio to the Victrola to television to color television and on wide screen TV, horse and carriage. to the cable cars that crisscrossed the cobbled streets to the streetcars and the continued evolution of the automobile, from the coal-fired ovens that heated the house to modern sources of heating with oil, gas and electricity, and the men walking on the road. moon. But the most fantastic thing of all was to raise four children and watch them grow up, mature and raise their own families.
Like her father, she loved to play the piano and entertained her family at home with some of the most beautiful music ever written. Her father, an accomplished pianist, was also good at playing by ear; Paul inherited this gift.
She was a stay-at-home mom like so many mothers during this time and loved sewing, knitting, crewel, embroidery and created oil and watercolor paintings. We remember the many happy holiday family reunions and how famous she was for her beautiful and delicious pies. Jeanne also relished her many heyday at Rices and West Beach in Beverly.
Her son, Paul, was with her when she died at 9 a.m. on March 12, 2020, at the age of 96.
The family, now 34, gathered over the Christmas holidays 2021 at their favorite resort: Largo Mar in Fort Lauderdale, FL, for their celebration of life and to remember and thank Roland and Jeanne for everything. what they have done to create a wonderful and lasting family heirloom.

Published on December 31, 2021

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