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A new exhibit at the Chester County Art Association aims to inspire new generations by showcasing paintings of broken glass icons from the past and present. Inspiring women, a solo exhibition by local artist Merrill Weber, will feature more than fifty oil paintings of women who have made a positive impact on the world. Exhibition at Chester County Art Association by Merrill Weber opens November 11e

The women featured in the vibrant paintings come from diverse backgrounds, times and places. Each painting is accompanied by a brief biography of the subject giving visitors an idea of ​​the woman’s life and its impact on society. Weber wanted to include more than just the outward appearance of women: “The viewer will also learn little-known information, such as Rosa Parks was a dressmaker and Cher donated money to support pandemic relief efforts.”

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Merrill Weber

Seeing all of these pioneers in one space can lead to surprising moments of connection, such as the radiant crowns of Queen Elizabeth II and Marsha P. Johnson, which extend to the top of their portraits. Each woman is painted directly in front of the viewer, almost provocative in her direct gaze, and placed on a luminous background that draws the eye to the subjects.

“I read and thought about who I admire,” Weber says, explaining how she chose the subjects for the exhibit. “My first subject was a pioneer of gender equality, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The painting in the RBG exhibition measures thirty-six by thirty-six inches. Bigger than life. So is Justice Ginsburg.

Weber is clear on his mission to educate and empower through this exhibition. It is a look back at those who have worked to advance the cause of women’s rights around the world, while commenting on the road they still have to travel. Visitors of all ages will learn about the revolutionary experiences and challenges these women faced in their unique situations. From Lizzo to Dolly Parton, from Malala Yousafzai to Mother Teresa, from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to Simone Biles, the exhibition spans centuries, genres, countries, cultures and history.

Inspiring women Also includes personal touches from Weber, who, as a last-minute addition to the exhibit, painted a portrait of his recently deceased mother, Betty Ann Weber Hayes. “It wouldn’t be an Inspirational Women exhibition without a portrait of my sweet mom. Best known as a storyteller, my mother was a designer, writer, composer and teacher. He was a magical person who led others to the magic within themselves.

His mother’s influence is felt not only through the gallery, but also in Weber’s passion and artistic history. Weber notes that “Before I could walk, she nurtured my love of art. My mom stained whipped cream and encouraged me to paint on the walls while taking a bath. The exhibition is a tribute in more than one way. “I couldn’t have done it without her watching over me. This exhibition is dedicated to him. I love you mom.”

The exhibition will run from November 11e to November 30e at the Huston Gallery of the Chester County Art Association in West Chester, PA. Opening on November 11e from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Weber is looking forward to the event: “Everyone is invited to have a drink and a snack, while enjoying the exhibit. I look forward to visiting others at the opening as together we celebrate inspiring women. Weber’s website is

More information about the exhibition, including opening hours and upcoming shows, is available at The Chester County Art Association 100 North Bradford Avenue, West Chester. Weber has participated in other exhibitions at the Chester County Art Association in the past and is a member artist of the organization.

Weber is a popular local artist whose work is featured in galleries, museums and collections around the world. His contemporary works have been described as playful, imaginative, and full of energy and hope. His Spring City studio, Merrill Weber Art, usually open by appointment only, will be open to the public along with those of more than 20 other artists as part of the Holiday Art Festival 2021 at Spring City Mill Studios, where art and gifts will be available for purchase. The event includes food, drinks, free parking and accessible access for visitors. Spring City Mill Studios is located at 20 E. Bridge Street, Spring City. You can find more information at

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