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Gina: Maybe we can start with how we met? We met in Cranbrook, you were a student and I was visiting, and you were like my guide. You helped me with everything during my entire stay there. It was really great. But I also think the role you were in, in terms of Cranbrook and the program there, I mean, is a very special program. Everyone signs up to do different, very common things. So I wondered if you could talk a little bit about going to school there, and how special was that?

Nathalie: Yeah, I remember when you came over, and we had so much fun together. You were so fun. I had a great time with you. My job was the guest artist assistant, so I was helping people, but like you said, Cranbrook is a unique community experience, so when we had guest artists they would stay with us for several days. You shared your meals with us and you really got to know us. So when you came I felt like we really connected, we laughed so much and had a great time, the weekend you visited.

I also think you get a taste of what Cranbrook was like. It was really a community experience, with so much time in the studio. It’s structured differently in that there are no classes, so you live there, on campus, and you have your studio, and you do, have conversations, and do reviews, and things like that, but it gives you a lot of time to Make. And that’s really why I wanted to go, because I felt like going to college, what I really wanted, was just time. Time to get to know me more deeply, but which I think you can only get by working. During my experience there, I felt like I walked in and left with only a deepening of the types of feelings and feelings that I was interested in exploring when I first arrived. It has only been refined and deepened. And this precise knowledge of myself – and what drives me to create – helped me keep making art after my graduate studies. Now in the pandemic, and just being alone in the studio, it only gets deeper.

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