Image Comics’ Bloodstained Teeth #1 Comic Book Review

Most comic book fans will most likely know Christian Ward as an artist. His art has brought to life series like G. Willow Wilson’s unseen realm and Matt Fraction ODY-C. Readers can expect more of his art in the upcoming Aquaman: Andromeda, but for now, Ward is taking a moment to write his own story. He is joined by artist Patric Reynolds, colorist Heather Moore and scholar Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou to present blood stained teeth #1, a thrilling vampire crime comic coming out April 27th from Image Comics.

blood stained teeth #1 follows an entrepreneur vampire named Atticus Sloane. Atticus turns humans into vampires for a price. This venture has given him a life of luxury, but it has also drawn the attention and ire of other firstborn vampires, who look down on humans who become vampires. When Bram Stoker and his goon named Tooth try to bully Atticus into quitting his gruesome job, the vampire is forced into a dangerous situation.

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atticus turning people into vampires

Ward wastes no time delving into the vicious world of vampires in blood stained teeth #1. Atticus turns a woman into a vampire from the first page, and things only get more complicated from there. Ward’s fast pace helps set a punchy and exciting tone for the series. But despite the non-stop nature of this first issue, it still manages to build a complex world. The social hierarchy of firstborn vampires and “sips”, who become vampires after being bitten, is explained briefly but clearly. Ward capitalizes on the public’s familiarity with vampire mythos by adding his own twist to the genre without spending too much time on exposition.

Reynolds’ art captures the thrilling tone of blood stained teeth Perfectly. It includes an iconic horror aesthetic that fans will associate with vampires while adding its own distinct style to each character. Reynolds’ style adds a modern element to ancient characters and grounds the proceedings in contemporary times. Each page seems designed to plunge the reader into an exotic world without distracting him from the story. Reynolds adds brutality to every action scene and every landscape to reinforce the harsh yet entertaining tone of Ward’s writing.

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atticus crosses the city at night

Heather Moore colors add vitality and a sense of movement to each panel. She bathes Reynolds’ inks in a sea of ​​neon that helps amp up the comic’s pace. Moore makes the world of blood stained teeth bright and poppy, without distracting from the fact that everything is happening in the middle of the night. Whether or not some of the fascinating textures on these pages come from Moore’s colors or Reynolds’ drawing is sometimes unclear, but together the two created unforgettable images.

blood stained teeth #1 lays the groundwork for a thrilling crime drama. Ward and Reynolds combine horror and action to create a fun first issue that uses classic archetypes while being remarkably unique. The entire creative team works together to create a truly striking debut issue. Each page is a work of art in its own right, and the story is as fun as any vampire tale in recent memory.

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