Holidays in Holy Week, give yourself the opportunity to visit the magical towns of Coahuila

Coahuila.- The tourist destinations of Mexico are places characterized by their impressive historical and cultural attractions, so if you still do not know what to do during these Easter holidays, give yourself the opportunity to visit the magical towns of Coahuila and fall in love with them.

Not every place to visit in the country has a beach, so if you expect to experience a different kind of tourism full of nature and history, maybe you should give these a chance. places.

Coahuila has seven localities recognized with the distinction of magic towns because of the characteristics that set them apart, so they should be part of your travel diary during this Easter holiday.


Known as “Mexican Switzerland,” the magical town of Arteaga typically boasts beautiful snow-capped peaks and forested landscapes, and it’s also the only tourist destination in Mexico that has a ski slope that operates year-round.

The magical town of Arteaga usually has beautiful snow-capped peaks and forested landscapes. Photo: Visit Coahuila

It is the ideal place for lovers of ecotourism and for those looking for a few days of relaxation in the mountains, as well as quiet walks in the city away from the urbanization of cities.

In Arteaga you can visit the Church of San Isidro Labrador, built in the 18th century and whose facade has a golden clock, you can also visit star craft workshops in the colors of the desert.

You can also visit Casa Carranza, the place where Venustiano Carranza wrote his manifestos, it is located next to the municipal palace.

Arteaga is the ideal place to practice mountain biking, abseiling, climbing and quad rides.


Known for being a free city, Candela is located in the desert and has buildings dating back over three centuries. It generally has a warm climate, but during winter temperatures drop to 4 degrees Celsius.

Candela is located in the desert and has buildings dating back over three centuries. Photo: Visit Coahuila

In this magical town you will feel like you are in the 18th century, mainly in the historic center where you can visit the Parroquia de San Carlos Borromeo, where you can find art with materials such as mesquite or wood.

And if you are already in the parish, pass by Plaza Benito Juárez where you can take a break before continuing your activities such as visiting its station, a construction that looks like a medieval fortress and is over a century old.

In addition, you can meet the Berber goat, an endemic species of the Colline des Oiseaux Bleus.

four swamps

It is a colonial villa surrounded by a protected natural area and located in the central region of the Coahuila and Chihuahua desert, it is a place where you can admire its diversity of flora and fauna, as well as its impressive springs and lagoons , giving the impression of being an oasis in the desert.

Cuatro Ciénegas is a colonial village surrounded by a protected natural area. Photo: Visit Coahuila

Cuatro Ciénegas was founded in 1761, but it was destroyed several times until in 1800 the ethnic groups of the region gave in to conflict.


It is a small town which, with barely a thousand inhabitants, gives the feeling of being in the family, so you can receive the kindness and the greetings of all the inhabitants of the region.

This magical city has an immense amount of relics and treasures. Photo: Visit Coahuila

Guerrero is a perfect place for lovers of adventure and history, and the fact is that the magic city has an immense amount of relics and treasures derived from the end of a battle and which are now in the parish of San Juan Bautista, that has baptismal fonts from three centuries ago; or you will want to know the secrets hidden in the remains of the San Bernardo Mission.

You won’t be able to stop bringing home some of their mesquite crafts, though you can opt for a molcajete or saddlery keychains.

Melchor Muzquiz

It was declared a magical city in 2018 and its history began in 1737, but it currently has one of the most important paleontological collections in the world, as well as great craftsmen of saddlery and fluorite, it is also the homeland of the Kikapú and Mascogo. tribes.

In this magical city, you can visit the Temple of Santa Rosa de Lima. Photo: Visit Coahuila

It was founded to repel the attacks of the Indians who inhabited the region, however its history begins 900 years ago with the discovery of dinosaur fossils which are exhibited in the Museum of Paleontology.

In this magical city you can visit the main square, where you can find the temple of Santa Rosa de Lima and the historical museum, in this place you can discover the arrival of the Kikapú and the Mascogos in Múzquiz.

You can also visit the house of the Mexican painter Julián Galán Romo where there is now a museum to see his lithographs and, incidentally, the human-sized doll’s house, where the artist used to play.

Source Vines

A magical town known for being an oasis in the desert due to its springs surrounded by groves of cypresses and walnut trees; It was founded in 1888 by a group of Jesuits.

Their land is fertile although it is in the middle of the desert. Photo: Visit Mexico

Its land is fertile despite its location in the middle of the desert and favors the growth of the vine, which has earned it the nickname of the cradle of wine in America, since the oldest wine estate on the continent was born in Parras in 1597.

Parras de la Fuente is full of mansions and buildings of architectural beauty, so in each of its corners you can find beautiful places without having to worry about the cold, since it is almost 30° throughout the year.


It is a quiet and pleasant corner, known for the efforts of its inhabitants to maintain it although it is threatened with becoming a ghost town due to its remoteness from civilization and the small number of inhabitants.

This is what the Bilbao Dunes look like in Viesca. Photo: Visit Mexico

If you love history, you’ll want to know the house that Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla passed through in 1811 on his escape from the Viceroy’s army, the place where President Benito Juárez stayed to issue a decree, or the Exhacienda de Santa Ana de Hornos where Lázaro Cárdenas stayed.

Although if you like the desert landscape, you should go to the Dunes of Bilbao, an incredible place that will surely make you fall in love.

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