‘Hellboy: The Bones of Giants’ # 3 -– The Merging of the Nine Realms


Hellboy: Bones of the Giants # 3 | Writer: Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden | Artist: Matt Smith | Letter: Clem Robins | Colorist: Chris O’Halloran | Cover Artist: Matt Smith

In the last issue, we found a Swedish professor, Dr. Aickman, knowingly drinking from Thrym’s mug in order to bring him back from the dead. In this endeavor he succeeded. However, he did not survive the ascent of the Frost Giant, and his daughter, Pernilla, is completely and utterly affected by it because the myths are real … and her father is dead.

Hellboy, still attached to Mjolnir, seems to have a deeper connection to the mind and soul of the late Thor with each passing day, a possession that will undoubtedly leave scars on his mind, i.e. ‘he survives it.

The Earth seems to have been immersed in a certain conjunction of the spheres. Parts of the nine realms merge into each other.

The still weak and tired Ice King decided to disappear and head north, trapping and absorbing the life force of the defenseless humans in his path.

The Nivadellim are resolutely on Hellboy’s side and fight, sometimes to the death, with the monsters and creatures from other realms who have infiltrated this reality.

And now, after several days of chasing him, the BPRD and the dwarves are finally ready to face Thrym. This will not happen in a human village. It looks like the landscape has changed and Hellboy and the Dwarves must face off against the giant Frost King right inside the Citadel of the Giants, Utgard.

Hellboy: Bones of the Giants # 3 is available January 5, 2022.

Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Release date: January 05, 2022
Format: FC, 32 pages; Mini series
Price: $ 3.99
UPC: 7 61568 00873 9 00311

Image presented by Math Smith, all images are owned by Dark Horse Comics

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