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Zandah Laws couldn’t wipe the smile off his face when he saw his own artwork printed on two t-shirts and a sweater that he could keep and wear proudly. The young man is part of the Boys To The Bush program which focuses on surrounding vulnerable young people with positive influences. Fully Promoted Bathurst is one of the local businesses to team up with the program and co-owner Liz Luisi was more than happy to help. “We have owned the business for four years and we are all here to support the young people,” she said. “We found out about Boys To The Bush and what they do for vulnerable young people and we just wanted to be a part of it.” Zandah is passionate about his artwork and came up with the idea of ​​putting his own design on a t-shirt. Thanks to Kurt Hancock, manager of Full Promoted and the Bathurst Boys To The Bush, this has become a reality. “These guys from Fully Promoted were awesome, once we approached them they were just brilliant to us,” Mr. Hancock said. “Obviously Zandah has seen the steps now, from the conception of his idea until it appeared on the t-shirt and you can tell he’s very proud of it and fulfilling it.” He has a pretty big smile on her face. ”Ms. Luisi said it made her so happy to see the joy that something so simple for her business brought to Zandah. As business owners, she and her husband Stan feel it is important for them to give back to the community as much as possible. Ms Luisi said she found the most vulnerable people to be young people. “It just gives them a glimpse of something they can do of their lives and it fills our hearts to see a child with such a big smile on his face. “she said. In addition to local businesses, some local businesses have joined the Boys To The Bush program, offering young people men a wider range of life experiences. Local support co It goes a long way in helping young men achieve some of their goals and bond with the right infl uences. The motto of the program is “It is easier to build a strong boy than to mend a broken man …” and it is with the help of the community that Boys To The Bush is able to do it. “… what’s unique is that we connect these boys with positive people in the community,” Hancock said. “Two of our participants now have occasional work in progress with certain companies, so they have come since the beginning of the year, to work, now to have their own apartments.” Our journalists work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how to access our trusted content:



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