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Local artists will have the opportunity to show their work to the public at the inaugural Dubbo Art Fair. The fair will be held at the Western Plains Cultural Center from August 6-8. Artists are encouraged to register for free exhibition space, and the Dubbo Regional Council is also looking for musicians who will be paid to perform during the event. Cultural Development Coordinator Jessica Moore said it was the first time something like the Dubbo Art Fair had taken place. She said the idea was developed based on public feedback when developing the council’s cultural plan last year. ALSO MAKE NEWS: “In Dubbo, we don’t have places where people can sell art, we don’t have permanent shopping malls,” Ms. Moore said. “Because we are a little behind in the programming here at the cultural center, where we repair and paint the walls, we felt that the previous weekend there was an opportunity to try something new and experiment. with this new model to see if it works. ”Ms. Moore said the fair was a“ double whammy. ”This will not only give artists the chance to build relationships with clients, but it will also give members of the community the opportunity to buy original artwork. “We would really like to show people that buying original artwork, buying original creative artwork and going to see original songwriters and musicians is so important, because originality is the source of innovation and growth, “said Ms. Moore.” Genuinely supporting original works of art and buying one for your homes is an incredible celebration of your community and communities. people who live and work here, but it also goes a long way to supporting the region’s economic growth. It’s not just a feel good. “The fair is open to artists from the local government and neighboring regions.” One of the big things culturally was that we were talking about regional development – as Dubbo grew. , the region is growing. We want to be inclusive and welcoming to people who also want to try their luck, “Ms. Moore said. The fair has only just been announced, but the cultural development coordinator said there had already been strong interest. “It really hit a nerve which was great,” Ms. Moore said. “We’ve already had a handful of people who have said they want a booth. And we want people to really let us know so that they can book a booth because the way things are going is going to be a packed house. ”An exhibition booth has an allocation of two by two meters, a clearly defined space with a wall to hang on, advice from staff on display and installation and standard vinyl signage on the wall of the booth. Artists should register their interest through the WPCC by Monday, July 5. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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