Death of nature seen by 7 artists | Thiruvananthapuram News

Thiruvananthapuram: While depicting the ‘death’ of nature on his canvas, the first thing that comes to mind for artist Bhadran Karthika is the fungus that feeds on every dead being. The colors he prefers are therefore the colors of the mushrooms.
The 3D acrylic painting titled “The Last Emperor” features a green leaf that is the last and only one in a dead tree. There is a crow, symbolizing death. The scenery, while beautiful, seems doomed if not taken care of properly. The painting is among 27 works featured in an exhibition that brought together artists to explore man’s impact on nature.
The group exhibition at Vyloppilli Samskrithi Bhavan named “Representation of the Innermost Soul” captures the exploitation of nature by humans for their greed by symbolizing animals looking helplessly at the careless nature of humans. A total of seven artists from Kerala are participating in the exhibition. Each of them exhibited their four canvases which raise their voices against current issues. “I took more than a month to finish each of my paintings. People run after things when the ground under their feet is washed away. Forests are being destroyed by human encroachment and now new ones are being created to replace them. Growth is fine, but what if we lose the most important thing by pursuing unnecessary happiness? said Bhadran Karthika, one of the artists.
Artist Antony Mukhathala focused on the importance of family relationships, the importance of love in life, and respect for farmers. The exhibition will end on May 25.

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