Dead Space Remake Collector’s Edition includes the Badass Isaac Helmet

The next Dead Space Remake is now available for pre-order, and a special collector’s edition includes a life-size replica of Isaac Clarke’s signature engineering helmet. Gamers first saw this gritty protective mask in the original dead spacewho saw Isaac brave the nightmarish necromorphs in search of his girlfriend Nicole aboard the mining spaceship ishimura. Isaac would change his look in both dead space sequels, but her design from the first game remains her most fondly remembered look – so much so that cosplayers have recreated it in live-action dead space fan trailers.


Last July, Electronic Arts and Star Wars Squadrons developer EA Motive has announced a current-gen remake of the original dead space, which will update Isaac Clark’s chilling first encounter with the Necromorphs for modern audiences. Details about Dead Space Remake would follow at a steady pace, with original Isaac Clarke actor Gunner Wright confirming he’d be reprising his role and a release date set for January 2023. Although that’s still a few months away, dead space fans can already pre-order special versions of Dead Space Remake full of bonuses.

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Earlier today, Limited edition games announced the release of a collector’s edition for Dead Space Remake on his official Twitter account. This special Collector’s Pack will include several bonus items, such as a Dead Space Remake Soundtrack CD, a four-inch statue of dead space‘s Terrifying Makers, a Marker enamel pin, a ishimura patch, four mini-posters and a lithograph of Isaac wandering the dark halls of the ishimura. The most important and remarkable element of the Dead Space Remake The Collector’s Edition is a life-size, wearable version of Isaac’s helmet, complete with working lights in the visor. The Dead Space Remake The Collector’s Edition is now available for pre-order on the official Limited Run Games webpage for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Dead Space Remake Collector’s Edition includes statue and art prints

2013 Dead space 3 may have left horror fans disappointed, but EA Motive has promised to retain the level of terror that made the original dead space an instant classic in Dead Space Remake. The brutal dismemberment of the past dead space games are improved in Dead Space Remake with new mechanics that will show the flesh and bones of Issac’s necromorph enemies. In addition, Dead Space Remake won’t have loading screens or camera cutouts, meaning Isaac’s harrowing journey through the ishimura will be a seamless tale filled with blood and dread. These developments, along with EA Motive’s willingness to listen to fan feedback regarding Dead Space RemakeThe weapon sounds are all promising signs for the upcoming sci-fi/horror reboot.

Whereas Dead Space Remake won’t be released for a few months, eager fans can pre-order Isaac Clarke’s latest game in a neat collector’s edition from Limited Run Games, a company known for special games like last year’s Star Wars: KOTOR Change port. For Dead Space RemakeLimited Run Games is releasing a life-size replica of Isaac Clarke’s helmet that would be great for next year’s Halloween.

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