Check out this Wyoming Airbnb you can stay in for $ 1,500 a night


You’ve probably already guessed where this is Airbnb was located. Jackson. Where everything is stupidly overpriced just because they can. This full house is no exception. I would say, however, if you were looking for a place in Jackson to have all the amenities you want, this is it.

Cozy, contemporary timber frame home located just 3 blocks from Town Square in downtown Jackson Hole. 1 block from the departure bus stop. 2 blocks from Snow King Mountain. The house includes all the amenities with a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable living room, two spacious porches and a back yard.

I wouldn’t disagree with anything they say, but I would say I stayed at an Airbnb similar to this in the cities for around $ 120 a night. It’s cool, but it’s not special, and it sure doesn’t seem like $ 1,500 a night. I mean, come on now. You add $ 1400 just because it’s in Jackson, in a “great” place in town? No matter.

While I hurl insults at this beautiful piece of architecture, why not go ahead and dig in? Let’s take a tour of this extremely expensive house and decide if we want to add it to our bucket list. Maybe we’ll find Harrison Ford sitting in a room for a special VIP meeting. Spoiler alert, he’s not here. But can you imagine? That would be really cool, maybe he would have his Indiana Jones whip.

Check out this Wyoming Airbnb for the low price of $ 1,500 a night

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