Canucks unveil stunning 2SLGBTQ+ Pride warm-up jersey – Canucksarmy

The Vancouver Canucks have officially unveiled their 2SLGBTQ+ Pride 2022 warm-up jersey.

Scheduled to be worn prior to the Canucks’ home game against the Washington Capitals on March 11, the jersey features a modified colored Orc crest and a intricately designed shoulder patch on a white base.

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The logo, designed by queer artist Mio (she/her), incorporates elements of BC’s mountains, forests, sky, sea and frozen landscape (shown in rainbow colors ) and connects them all to various aspects of the queer experience.

Mio is a Swedish artist who has previously created designs for the Dallas Stars, Carolina Hurricanes and the Premier Hockey Federation.

The Canucks also announced uniforms worn by players would be auctioned off, with “partial proceeds” be given you can play. It is unclear at this time if additional merchandise featuring Mio’s creations will be available for wider consumption.

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After wearing their Pride jerseys in warmups, the Canucks will face the Capitals on March 11 at 7 p.m. PT.

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