Cambridge landscape artist’s works, spanning 50 years, are sold

CAMBRIDGE – A resident since 1966, Virginia “Jini” McNeice has become a key influence on the art scene in her Cambridge community.

In the middle of the tour, some of his paintings were sold. Now, nearly three years later, his family is holding a sale of his entire art collection, spanning over 200 pieces.

“The mission for us who are involved is to bring (the paintings) to homes that can pass them on and appreciate them,” said Kathy McNeice, one of his daughters. “Whether to inspire or simply to enjoy art. It does not matter. They just need a home.

Kathy McNeice has expressed how important it is to her mother that art be handled with care and sold to people who can appreciate their beauty.

When discussing her mother’s legacy, McNeice touched on her art style, which focused on landscapes and nature.

While they lived on their estate, they had a farm, as well as a garden, which Jini McNeice took care of herself, yet another avid hobby. These interests became evident in all of his work throughout his life. She intended to illuminate the colors of an environment that easily goes unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

“Sometimes paintings are meant to surprise you or make you feel a little uncomfortable,” Kathy McNeice said. “So you have to think about the message that the artist is trying to convey. My mother was just trying to bring you into that light.

In addition to the paintings, the family is also selling their family home and donating the land to the Agricultural Stewardship Association, a Washington County nonprofit land conservancy that protects local farmlands and forests from development.

The house doesn’t go on the market until May, but interest in the house, built by Virginia’s husband, architect Donald, has increased dramatically among community members.

The sale of art occurs through both an online and in-person shopping experience. If you want to buy online, you can check it out at

For in-person purchases, the family can be contacted directly by email and must make an appointment for a private studio tour. The sales run until May 31.

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