Britannia Mine’s annual Copper & Fire Arts event returns in September

The Britannia Mine Museum’s annual copper and fire arts community event returns on Saturday, September 17, showcasing talented local BC artists and their unique metal and clay crafts.

The event celebrates the arts and visitors can experience the unique and creative ways to showcase the Earth’s minerals through art. Copper & Fire Arts family event showcases earth inspired jewelry, sculpture, copperwork, gemstone art, pottery and painting, all inspired by the Northwest landscape of Peaceful.

“Our annual Copper & Fire Arts event is our signature fall community gathering to show the connections between mined materials and the arts, and to illustrate the importance of mining in our daily lives,” says Elena Whitman, Chief Services Officer. to guests at the Britannia Mine Museum. . “Our goal is to showcase local BC artists, explore their visions, and learn how they create unique earthen art using mined materials.”

Canadian independent folk/rock musicians, cold water path, will present two 45-minute sets at 11:45 a.m. and 1 p.m. The duo are known for their rich narrative lyrics rooted deep in Canada’s western frontier, and their stomping ballads and love songs will give visitors a reason to dance.

The group will release a new album this year focusing on Canadian history, including the song “The Mine and the Mill”, inspired by a visit to the Britannia Mine Museum.

The Copper & Fire Arts event features artists from British Columbia, including:

Angela Muellers – Painter based in Brackendale, Angela Muellers is a classically trained portrait and landscape painter, who is best known for painting natural forms and the effects of light such as mountain landscapes, nature, animals on copper.

Ania Kyte – Ania Kyte’s TurtleBead Studios is based in Mission and uses torch flames to melt and create beautiful jewelry, glass beads, and her signature glass turtle. In addition to her own artwork, Ania is also an avid teacher, offering hands-on instruction to students interested in the art of glass bead making.

Hazel Cruse – Hazel Cruse is a Vancouver-based jewelry artist who combines textures, shapes, shiny, rough, ancient, organic and sometimes not-so-perfect materials to create pieces that are “perfection within imperfections”. Her bespoke handmade pieces showcase her passion for South Coast jewelry, North Coast carvings and etched silver, and antique Tibetan turquoise and coral adornment pieces.

Martin Vseticka – Sea-to-Sky-based Martin Vseticka is an award-winning jewelry designer who brings his love of nature to silversmithing through unique design and an environmental ethic. He specializes in the forming and forging method for working gold and silver and is best known for his design of halibut hooks.

Wayne Buhler – Wayne Buhler of North Vancouver is a local artist who specializes in oil-on-copper painting, a respected tradition dating back hundreds of years, and his love of nature is evident in his breathing artistic creations the visual depth and richness of transparent oil colours.

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