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Baltimore – The Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) today presents a donation of $ 550,000 from longtime museum supporters Amy Gould and Matthew Pork, for the sole purpose of expanding the museum’s African art collection and related research and publications. Announced that it has been received. The BMA collection contains around 2,500 works from Africa, particularly marked by figurative sculptures in the western and central parts of the African continent and beaded embroidery in the eastern and southern parts.

The Amy Gould / Matthew Pork Foundation was also established before BMA moved art from Africa, ancient America and Oceania. The relocation involves the reinterpretation of African art within the existing gallery space, as well as the creation of a separate gallery dedicated to marine and Native American art for the first time in the museum’s history. . .. This effort brings the largest and most ambitious presentation of BMA’s historical and non-Western art collection, celebrating the 100th anniversary of BMA’s first acquisition of non-Western artwork. Each gallery listens to the chronological history of art, emphasizing innovation and change over time, contextualizing these artistic shifts in social, political, religious and cultural history. Provide. These collection galleries were closed on December 12, 2021 with the construction of the adjacent Ruth R. Murder Center for Matisse Studies and the Nancy Doman and Stanley Mazarov Centers for the Study of Prints, Drawings and Photographs. It will be taken back.

“Over the past two years, BMA has created a collection roadmap that addresses the gaps and inequalities of the entire collection, with a particular focus on African art and the African diaspora. The vision of extends beyond post-war and modern-era work, with an emphasis on the field-wide discussion of diversity and an approach to re-establishing the gallery ”, said Dorothy Wagner of BMA. A Christopher Bedford said. Director Wallis. “I am very grateful to Amy and Matthew for their generous and positive support over the years. This wonderful gift will begin to fulfill our goal of further strengthening our collection of African art, which will facilitate further research. You will be able to share new works, ideas and stories with your audience.

Over the past 40 years, Gould and Pork have assembled a large collection of textiles. These textiles are regularly rented to museums to be exhibited and made available to researchers for their research.

“We are delighted and honored that our long-term efforts have made a significant contribution to the art-focused BMA in Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Pacific Islands,” said Amy Gould. Matthew Pork said. “We can learn a lot from these societies where art and culture have influenced our modern life in more ways than most of us imagine. We are BMA. Praise their efforts to keep telling their story. “

The 2,500 square foot African Art Gallery features around 90 works of art dating back 5,000 years, starting with ancient Egyptian masonry and ending with contemporary Nigerian photographs. This new presentation presents all the variety of African artistic expression, while serving to place the work in an evolving historical context. The section includes the West African Empire, the rise of the countries of Central Africa, the spread of Islam in West and East Africa, the influence of imperialism and the European colonialism, as well as the growth and development of the movement for independence and self-determination. included. .. These diverse disciplines capture how African works of art are inextricably linked to social, political and religious movements.

BMA holds one of the largest collections of marine art in the country, comprising works from all major regions over a period of 4,000 years. The new gallery in this collection features a chronological study that began with the expansion of the Lapita people in 1600 BC and continued into the post-colonial period of the 1970s. This installation emphasizes the works of 18th, 19th and 20th century art, and the colonialism of Europe, World War II and the globalization of the post-colonial economy are the forms of works of art in all parts of the Pacific Ocean. Emphasizes the impact on function and distribution.

“For BMA, and in most American museums, it was common to present non-Western art in geographic or thematic groups. Instead of following this standard trajectory, the newly re-established galleries present works in terms of evolving artistic forms and creativity, influenced by social, political and cultural changes. In Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific Islands. “This approach is a different state, Prioritizing historical and artistic evolution, with particular emphasis on the impact and importance of social and cultural interactions and exchanges. “

As part of its work to assess the collections and define more precisely its acquisition and presentation priorities, BMA also adopted a new collection management policy at its board meeting on 22 June. The revised policy was organized in 2019 and was developed by the Museum’s Cultural Property Working Group, which consists of selected BMA curators and registered staff, BMA advisers and committee members from membership of the BMA.

The policy changes emphasize consistency with the BMA’s mission of diversity and equity, informing all museum activities and initiatives. In particular, the new policy promises the museum to ensure that the collection is preserved not only legally but also ethically, stressing the importance of transparency in the management of the collection, which is sacred and culturally sensitive. Identify BMA’s responsibility in establishing an itinerary for the preservation and display of things, and the legitimate ownership recognized by the museum, whether through staff inquiries or third party claims. Create a more robust procedure to correct your complaint.

To date, BMA has not received any refunds or refund requests for the artwork in the collection.

BMA Receives Donations to Support Acquisition of African Art Collection | state

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