Blues & More with Dana Gillespie and Big Daddy Wilson

City of Schilling. The organizers of the “Blues & More” festival, Werner Glösl and Norbert Postmann, were happy to welcome around 1,400 visitors to the wonderful atmosphere of the castle square this year.
At the blues festival, which has been taking place since 2013, blues legends such as Hans Thiessink, Mojo Blues band, Dana Gillespie, Bluesbombam, Harry Stoica and Peter Ratzenbeck have already performed. Regional blues bands also take part every year – Dana Gillespie, Big Daddy Wilson or “Viennase Ladies” were among the absolute stars of Borgarina’s blues evenings on July 29 and 30.
The Viennese girls have made a name for themselves on the Austrian live scene over the past five years, with their lively and energetic shows – the public in Schlining could see it for themselves.

Gillespie and Big Daddy Wilson

Dana Gillespie recorded the first of nearly forty recordings at the age of fifteen, accompanied by British folk guitarist Donovan. In the 1970s she was part of the glamorous British rock scene, produced in part by her school friend David Bowie.

A world-renowned North Carolina blousman, Daddy Wilson has made a name for himself on the European blues scene over the years with his acclaimed albums Love is the Key (2009), Thumb a Ride (2011), I’m Your Man (2013), Time (2015) The Neck Bone Stew 2017. All of these albums paved the way for his latest work – Hard Time Blues.

No Stress Brothers rocked Castle Square

Multinational band No Stress Brothers give their music a powerful blend of a very special genre, and the band quickly gained huge recognition in the EU region as well as the Balkans.

Show him a portrait artist

In the entrance area of ​​Castle Square, artist Gyöngyi Nemeth exhibited a sample of his works.

In the entrance area of ​​Castle Square, art teacher Gyeonggi Nemeth exhibited a cross-section of her works. The paintings, watercolors and oil paintings were really eye-catching.

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