Billionaire Zombie Club breaks the crowd noise

Reno, United States, November 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

The revolutionary art-based profile picture community, the Billionaire Zombie Club, which sold its initial offering of 10,000 unique works of art in less than 9 days, has taken another step forward with the ‘Floor’ or the lowest price available for the collection that increased 50% in the last day or so to .06 ETH s as of this writing. This represents an important step for this innovative art collection.

Quite quietly, the Billionaire Zombie Club has become one of the newest viral projects in an industry known for its high-profile whisper campaigns. The Billionaire Zombie Club has cut the noise and since the release of digital assets, the proposed and accepted values ​​represent over 500% of the original asset strike prices. A sell was recently executed for 2.5 Ethereum or around $ 14,000, which is around 280 times the value of the assets struck. The Billionaire Zombies Club has surpassed 145 ETH in transaction volume as the project continues to evolve from a hobby to an entrepreneurial venture.

While these types of gains are not uncommon in NFT projects in this environment, what is rare are the humble beginnings of this unique project. The artist at the center of this emerging zombie universe, is an accidental viral sensation by any stretch of the imagination.

“Axman,” as he is affectionately known by his team and the community, is the perfect story of Rags to Riches. Until recently, he served as an immigration officer in Singapore by day and created his progressive artwork in the evenings and weekends that his full-time job afforded him. Unlike many “crypto bros” who started NFT projects, Axman’s humble beginnings are at the heart of this community’s DNA.

One by one, Open Sea’s bid hunters discovered the art of Axman and began to share information about the future potential of the project. Once this happened and the wider Open Sea community began to spill over into BZC discord, the spark was unleashed for the growth of one of the most cohesive communities of NFT holders.

Axman was extremely forward thinking in using the fast growing and relatively energy efficient Polygon platform. This second-layer Ethereum technology provides NFT creators and investors with a lower cost base to create and invest in this new asset class.

As the debate rages on the carbon footprint and long-term effects of BlockChain-based assets, the Polygon network offers an extremely energy-efficient alternative. The Billionaire Zombie Club has proven that Polygon can fill the void as ETH gas costs continue to rise.

At the time of this writing, the Billionaire Zombie Club Project had a trading volume north of $ 750,000 in about two weeks and claims an approximate total asset value north of $ 20,000,000.

As is the case in our new economy, a team of leaders, marketers and fintech developers have formed in this unique community to bring The Billionaire Zombie Club into the metaverse and beyond.

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