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Artist Lee Wybranski’s tribute to Jack Nicklaus.


Nerves? You better believe Lee Wybranski felt them. The famous golf artist’s latest work was not only a painting of the world’s most famous golf course which is home to the world’s greatest golf tournament, but it also featured a certain 18-time major champion: Jack Nicklaus.

No pressure, right?

“It’s the very first time for me that I can work with one of the best of all time, so it adds a bit of pressure,” Wybranski said. “But another way of saying pressure is excitement. And we’re very excited about this project.

The painting connects Augusta National and Nicklaus like never before. The best part? You can own one by bidding on the prints here.

Wybranski’s latest creation – which you can see come to life, with the help of Nicklaus, in the video above – is a stunning rendition of Augusta National’s famous par-3 12th hole, featuring Rae’s Creek, the Hogan Bridge and vibrant azaleas.

“I told Lee that although I’m not an artist, we share a similar trait when it comes to what I do in golf course design,” Nicklaus said. “I look at a field like a blank canvas, then I create. And my goal is to create something that people can enjoy for many years.

The centerpiece of creation, however, is Nicklaus, the Masters’ greatest champion.

Wybranski painted six different depictions of Nicklaus, all ionic poses from his six Masters wins: in 1963, ’65, ’66, ’72, ’75 and ’86.

Lee Wybranski and Jack Nicklaus.

Strokes of genius: how artist Lee Wybranski paid tribute to the greatest Masters champion, Jack Nicklaus


Michael Bamberger

The artist has also included some personal Nicklaus touches, such as the golden bear symbol in the lower right corner and three pennies in the lower left. When Wybranski met Nicklaus via teleconference before he started working on the board, he learned that Nicklaus always carried three pennies with him: one to mark his ball, another as a backup in case the first was lost, and a third if a playmate needed it. . Wybranski wanted to include the parts.

The paint is drenched in metallic gold, and Nicklaus’ pennies, logo, and minifigure elements are all subtly lifted from the prints.

That’s where you, the ultimate Nicklaus fan, come in. Only 86 of these 30 out of 20 collectibles are available to the public through auction. All are individually numbered (1/86) and autographed by Nicklaus and Wybranski.

To try and secure yours, click the link below and go to our auction page (auctions opened at 9 a.m. ET on Friday and started at $1,800). Eighty-three are currently available, and the bidding window ends at noon ET on Thursday, April 7. Once you have bid, you will receive a confirmation email; you will also be notified each time you outbid. Winning bids will receive an email at the end of the auction. (Three of the prints – Nos. 1, 18 and 86 – will be auctioned at a later date.)

To learn more about the project and how the painting came to life, read the story by Senior GOLF Writer Michael Bamberger in the April 2022 edition of GOLF Magazine.

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Lithograph Jack Nicklaus signed in limited edition by the artist Lee Wybranski


Only 86 of these lithographs will be accessible to the public. All are autographed by Jack Nicklaus and the artist, Lee Wybranski, and celebrate Nicklaus’ historic six Masters victories.

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