Behind the Scenes: C & I’s Western Fashion Shoot


The THIS the team loaded our cars with the best in western fashion and headed to the Drover Hotel for a fall photoshoot.

If you flip through the pages of THISOctober 2021 Issue – In front of a gorgeous Colorado home, a celebration of Townspeople, and a chat with Cody Johnson – you’ll find our fall fashion shoot at the luxurious Hotel Drover. Nearly 20 pages feature a range of cowboy boots, authentic and luxurious turquoise sheepskin coats and pearl snap button shirts.

Our models – who braved a 7am call and the late June heat – make Western black-themed outfits seem effortless. But, the fall fashion shoot lacks anything but effort. The team at THIS prepares for our annual fall fashion shoot months in advance – thinking about themes, coordinating with vendors, choosing a venue and planning the outfits from head to toe.

This year, it didn’t take long for us to pick the brand new Fort Worth Stockyards hotel as the backdrop for the shoot. As the West’s premier magazine, we thought there was no better place than the western themed hotel in Cowtown to showcase the best in western fashion.

And our choice of location did not disappoint on the day of the photoshoot. Our team’s Texan transplant recipients all echoed the same sentiment as they walked into the Drover Hotel – the immaculately designed hotel is exactly what they imagined Texas to be before coming to the Lone Star State. From salvaged barn wood to Western art to walls covered with longhorn skulls, all detail of the Fort Worth hotel is inspired by the West. Fortunately for the THIS team with their office in Dallas, the Drover Hotel is only a 45 minute drive away – the perfect distance for a day trip to snap photos for the fashion broadcast in our October 2021 issue .

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The hotel provided us with two rooms to settle in: one for make-up and hairdressing and the other as a cloakroom. Each room has been designed with as much care as the main areas of the hotel – with custom start jacks, framed belt loops and a copy of THIS on each side table.

We spent the day going back and forth between the makeshift locker room and different areas of the hotel – the Presidential Suite for a shot overlooking the stockyards, the fireplace in the lobby to capture a cozy look and the hotel bar for fun and pretty -installation. After a full day of filming, we settled in on the airy outdoor patio to celebrate how Texans know best – with a Margarita Tour on the Rocks.

Take a look behind the scenes of our day.

Music: “Vaquera and the Cowboy” courtesy Lea Turner

Photograph: (Cover image) Rylee J, (Hotel Drover) courtesy of Hotel Drover, (All others) courtesy of Kaylee Brister

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