ArtSEA: Let there be light in South Lake Union

The last of the new facilities I visited in South Lake Union is called “PassageWhich sits a bit out of the way on the north side of Denny Avenue. If you are going on foot from Westlake Avenue, you can stop at MadArt space and see a new triptych of wall panels called The joy of being (until February 11). This riot of colorful explosions is by the Seattle artist Nikita Ares, which says that the pieces meet the need for vivid color amid our gray winter landscape and are meant to recall the glow of the sun.

You will find “Passage” on Terry Avenue North between Harrison and Republican streets (just across the street from Artist Northwest Anne Gardinerthe sparkling yellow glass mosaic of “Convergence“). Look for a looping light tube surrounding a track.

Walk down the walkway tunnel and you’ll trigger a rainbow-colored light show – a treat to be experienced inside the circular light, as well as standing mouth-to-mouth at each end . Your presence also triggers a moody electronic score that transforms with the colors.

A sign nearby states that this is an ’emotional journey of sound and light’ which may seem a bit of a stretch, but there is something moving about slowly walking this lighted passage, especially considering the year we have had. It’s funny, and maybe a little melancholy too, because it evokes another human trait: our desire to mark the past which turns into the present with the turning of a year, our perpetual hope to pass from an old one. me to someone bursting with brilliant new potential. .

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