Artist and activist Domenic Esposito announces solo exhibition at Piano Craft Gallery in Boston

“The human connection is so powerful – the need to be seen, heard and understood is something we all yearn for, especially those struggling with opioid addiction and their loved ones who suffer with them – they all deserve our compassion.” , said artist Domenic Esposito.

Artist and social activist Domenic Esposito will launch his solo exhibition Vox Clamantis at the Piano Craft Gallery in Boston (Jan. 7-30, 2022), with an opening night on Friday Jan. 7 (special media preview time at 5 p.m.); free and open to the public from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m .; register here for the event). In 2018, Domenic achieved national recognition with massive opioid spoon sculptures placed at the gates of the FDA and major pharmaceutical giants. Now, for the first time, the public will be able to see his larger work, including a selection of cast and assembled sculptures and paintings. Through his work, he shares the “underlying collateral damage of opioid addiction” and what it means for all those affected directly and indirectly by this tragic and destructive force.

“The human connection is so powerful and the past two years have tested us in so many ways, individually and as a society,” says artist Domenic Esposito. “The need to be seen, heard and understood is something we all yearn for, even the drug addict who has been rejected by society. So, for all those struggling with opioid addiction and the loved ones who suffer with them, finding the path to connection and visibility becomes the greatest struggle, and they all deserve our compassion. ”

Vox Clamantis (“The Voice of a Screaming”) will present more than twenty works, including Unconditional, 2020 (Oil on canvas, cast bronze 40 “x 30” x 12 “), Assailable, 2020 (Oil on canvas, cast bronze 40 ”x 30” x 12 ”), Mass, 2021 (Oil on canvas 48” x 72 ”), Cass, 2021 (Oil on canvas 48” x 72 ”) and on loan, Reticent and Marching (both 2021, Oil on canvas) courtesy of the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation. , protector and savior in his brother’s struggle against drug addiction, isolation and detachment from family and society.

“As an activist, Domenic Esposito is compelling and certainly a force in a movement that continues to seek justice,” says Diana Lada L’Henaff, curator of the exhibition. “As an artist he is thoughtful, nuanced and very compassionate when presenting a subject that is intimidating to most. Using a sort of visual shorthand, he shares what consumes him internally and hopes to confront the viewer with subtle reminders of what needs to be tackled collectively.

During this month-long exhibition at the Piano Craft Gallery, there will also be a few events with artists, authors and academics related to the art and activism of Domenic. See the full lineup on The Opioid Spoon Project.

  • On Friday January 21, the Opioid Spoon Project will be hosting a fundraising event (5-9 p.m.).
  • On Saturday, January 22, acclaimed journalist and author Sam Quinones will discuss his latest book The Least of Us: True Tales of America and Hope in the Time of Fentanyl and Meth, which follows on from his previous book, the bestseller of the New York Times Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opioid Epidemic, (2 pm-3pm).
  • On Sunday January 23, Domenic will be hosting a 2D Art Workshop with 3D Sculpture, co-sponsored by the New England Sculptors Association (NESA).
  • Thursday January 27, Exploring Art Therapy, to discuss the healing power of art, with Antonella Pirone, PHD, Director of Translational Pharmacology at Caesura Tx, SLP Fellow and Alicia Ventura, Director of Special Projects and Research, Treatment In-Office Addiction Program (OBAT) at Boston Medical Center. Sponsored by Professionisti Italiani in Boston (PIB), (6 pm-8pm).
  • Saturday January 29, Artist Talk with Domenic Esposito and Vox Clamantis curator Diana Lada L’Henaff (6 pm-7pm).

About Domenic Esposito Fine Art

Massachusetts-based artist and social activist, art has been an integral part of Domenic’s life since he was a child. A graduate of Northeastern University, he also trained in art at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Stonybrook Fine Arts, Artist Asylum and Prospect Hill Forge, where he developed his skills in metalwork. Considered initially as a sculptor, he continues to refine his craft with a deliberate vocabulary borrowed from the Italian Renaissance period, as well as his own personal cultivation of Asian culture and principles. In 2018, he gained national attention with the massive opioid spoon sculptures he placed at the gates of the FDA and major pharmaceutical giants, and founded the Opioid Spoon Project, a 501 (c) (3) for serve as a solutions-based platform that seeks legal justice and speaks out about the devastation of opioid addiction.

Domenic’s work includes sculptures, paintings, commissions, and public art installations. Piano Craft Gallery, Boston; Insight Artspace, NY; Scope, New York; Art Palm Beach; and SOFA Chicago Art Fair, among others. In 2019, his work Accountability won the “Best in Show” award at the Arts Benicia Juried Show in California. He also completed a prestigious artist residency at Mana Contemporary, which led to his print work with the legendary Gary Lichtenstein. To find out more, follow on Facebook and Instagram.

About Piano Craft Gallery

The Piano Craft Gallery, Inc. strives to remove common barriers to accessing the arts such as race, education level, and class by guiding our operations through an anti-racist and inclusive lens. It does this by sharing, promoting and celebrating the work of racially, culturally and socio-economically diverse artists of all abilities with the public. For more information, visit Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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