Art of Prestonpans: sale of paintings donated to the Ukrainian fund

A STRIKING painting of the sunset reflecting off Gullane Beach has been sold for £200 by a Prestonpans artist to raise funds for the British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal.

Amanda Owenson grew up in the city and has been working in her eponymous art studio on The Pottery since 2018.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Amanda decided to reduce the price of her Liquid Gold paint for a quick sale in order to donate the funds to the British Red Cross appeal in Ukraine.

The work depicts the view from Gullane Beach overlooking the Lomond Hills in Fife and was painted last December.

The original price for the work was £495 but Amanda sold it for £200 to a buyer in Aberdeen.

She said: ‘I think most people try to help in any way they can and this was my way of raising money quickly to help the appeal.

“The painting is in the blues and yellows – the colors of Ukraine – so those lovely people who bought it will also know every time they look at it that they were supporting Ukraine too.”

The graduate in fashion design with management, an artist since childhood, returned in 2016 to her love of painting to evacuate the stress of a “very stressful job”.

She said: “When I was made redundant due to structural changes at work in the spring of 2018, I felt like the universe had decided that I had to turn my passion for painting into a full career. time.

“My work is inspired by any landscape that speaks to me, either by the way the light falls, the hidden colors, or simply by the emotions I feel when I stand in front of the view.

“From seascapes to treescapes, there’s almost always an element of water or big sky, but it all depends on the mood of the day.”

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