Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton Gives Complete Creative Freedom to 12 Artists to Reinterpret Her Work

For Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton, the creative journey is just as important as the end result. It is vital for her to document everything, to tell the whole story. The designer’s latest project, Treat, highlights the work entering its collections by inviting 12 artists to interpret the Pre-Fall/Winter 2022 line in their own language. It’s a physical, tangible, real-life demonstration of Burton’s belief that creativity comes from a myriad of perspectives.

“Seeing another creative process is inspiring,” Burton said. vogue to pass the microphone to sculptors, photographers, painters and ceramists, and to give them total creative freedom to rewrite the work of his team in their own way. “Art has inspired people for generations because it’s about telling stories and reflecting the times we live in. These are still key narratives of the house.”

A pre-fall/winter 2022 look interpreted by the artist collective.

Although Burton worked with some of the artists, such as Marcela Correa, who creates pieces for McQueen stores, and Guinevere Van Seenus, a longtime brand muse, she was surprised by the uniqueness of the final multi-disciplinary works. . “Some came in and they were very small and precious, real treasures, and some were much bigger and powerful in a different way,” she says of the scale of the pieces arriving at McQueen’s headquarters. “Especially after the last few years of confinement, you realize how much more powerful things are once you see them physically. It’s really the same with clothes when you see them flat or on a screen; they have a completely different feeling when seen in person – that’s where things come to life.

This McQueen dress enjoys another life as a work of art at Burton’s Treat.

For Burton, a woman who finds inspiration in the everyday, choosing the most resonant artwork is impossible. The variety of personal, and often magical, stories relate to all the stories his team tells at McQueen. “For me, process is largely the story of how you move from point to point – like a collection of ideas that show the mind is working.” Here, Burton reveals what each artist’s ode to McQueen means to her.

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